Leveraging data science and analytics tools to cause a positive impact on Venezuela’s public health crisis

Code for Venezuela and Hult International Business School invite Analytics and Data Science enthusiasts to apply for an exciting Hackathon this February.

The event will kick off on the night of Feb. 14th at Slack’s HQ, and the hackathon will be held on Feb. 15th - 16th at Hult’s campus.

This event will focus on a highly important and complex problem - the Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela. By leveraging data science and analytics tools, teams will support the Venezuelan NGO “Médicos por la Salud” to cause a positive impact on Venezuela’s public health crisis.

Participants can expect to:

  • Experience real-world analytics issues.
  • Provide useful tools that will have a real impact on Venezuela's public health crisis.
  • Network with professionals in the Bay area specialized in Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Computer Science, etc.

The Format

In order to work in projects that will have a direct impact and continuity after the event, we have partnered with institutions from Venezuela to create a set of challenges to work on during the event.

You can expect challenges in the following areas:

  • Clean and analyze complex data to communicate insights about the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.

  • Develop an interactive dashboard tailored to different stakeholders.

  • Create analytics products that will be used in real world situations.

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Track 1 - Winner

2 ODSC Tickets, 1 Datax Tickets, 2 DC Certifications

Track 2 - Winner

1 ODSC Tickets, 2 Datax Tickets, 2 DC Certifications

Track 3 - Winner

2 ODSC Tickets, 2 Datax Tickets, 1 DC Certifications

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. Jorge Hernandez-Rojas

Dr. Jorge Hernandez-Rojas
Médicos por la Salud

Judging Criteria

  • Solves a Partner Challenge
    One of the main objectives of the codeathon is to provide concrete solutions to the challenges provided by organizations working on the ground in Venezuela. The evaluation panel should score the projects based on their potential to have an impact.


  • Social Good